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Services We Offer

Heating Oil • Fuel Tanks • Gas • Oil Stoves • Fuel

Our self-serve Avery St. Joe Oil location accepts lock cards and bank cards. Our sites have security cameras and are safe and clean. We have fueling stations that are open 24/7. We also deliver heating oil to the following areas including: Mullan, Rose Lake, Carlin Bay, Elk River and Bovil.
Click here to see our map for more locations.

All of our truck drivers are HAZMAT™ endorsed, have their commercial drivers license, and are insured and provide friendly customer service.

Going the Distance for Your Satisfaction
St. Joe Oil offers a "keep fill" service where customers are able to sign up and make sure we top off their tanks to keep them full. Customers that don't have "keep fill" services have to periodically call in their orders. Same day service is normal.

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