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Toyo Stove Division

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St Joe Oil Co, Inc. is a woman owned fuel business that has been in existence since 1973 and is incorporated in the state of Idaho. Toyotomi (Toyo) stoves were an added division in the early 1980’s.

Toyo stoves are extremely fuel efficient (87% efficient) compared to other stoves that burn stove oil, and furnaces that use furnace oil or natural gas, and also, propane fired heating systems. They require no chimney as they are vented out through an outside wall so there is no concern about moisture condensation, like with natural gas that could turn to ice in a chimney as it cools on exiting. The venting system for a Toyo stove can be extended to 9 feet to accommodate basement installations.

Toyo stoves work pressurizing the home. It pulls cold outside air through the inner tubing of the exhaust chamber (thus pre-heating it) into the combustion chamber and is forced out of the stove with a fan. The stove stays cool to the touch. With forced air furnaces they pull the oxygen out of the air inside of combustion and use a strong fan to push the air through the venting system.

In a 2014 bulletin from Reed News it states on page #5 that all low sulfur fuels will burn as stove oil but stoves need to be cleaned every 2 years. I have the fireplace model and have been burning diesel in it for the past 2 years and have no evidence of any burner or glass problems. However, the use of bio-diesel in these stoves is unknown at this time.

These stoves are so efficient that most people use less than 50 gallons a month in an average home. So tank set-up can be customized for each location. Toyo stoves are a cost effective solution to the high cost of heating during the cold weather of winter.

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